Scott Lewis, Editor, Photo Techniques Magazine
excerpt from email sent Nov. 1st, 2006
"one of the increasingly few people offering good silver prints for a reasonable price."

Elaine M. Parry, HARMAN technology Ltd t/a ILFORD Photo
(ILFORD is the world's leading producer of black and white photography materials)
excerpt from email sent Oct. 11, 2005
"It was an absolute pleasure to look through the stunning monochrome images in your website galleries...You really do have some fabulous images in your galleries, which illustrate so well the unique beauty and impact of the monochrome image."

Simon O'Connor, Art Director, The Dubliner Magazine
excerpt from email 16th May, 2007
"(I'm) a big fan of your work."

Jason,, Ireland
excerpt from blog posting December 11th, 2006 regarding visit to National Craft & Design Fair Ireland
"The highlight of the show for me though was running into Philip Pankov’s booth…Looking at Philip’s work, the first thing you notice is the amazing amount of detail. Although there is no way to represent this on his website (which is Philip by the way), you could take a loop and see his work in a whole new light…

"The other thing that struck me was his approachability…I actually spent quite a bit of time talking to Philip about the pieces we were buying and I have to say I was impressed by both his passion for the subjects and his down to earth approach."

Keara Masterson, Ireland
excerpt from email sent Jan 02, 2007
"Just wanted to let you know that my brother loves the photo."

Dawn Nickeson, USA
excerpt from email sent Jan 2, 2007
"I just wanted to let you know that we received the print and it is beautiful. I put it in the center of my kitchen so it is prominently displayed and many people have commented on how cool it is."

Timothy McCarthy, Ireland
excerpt from email sent March 31, 2006
"Barbara adores the prints - they are proudly on display in her apartment and we have had so many enquiries regarding same. We will be passing your website on to my friends and family. Many thanks again."

Pam Hayes, USA
excerpt from email sent Aug 18, 2005
"My husband and I discovered your work through a web site,, while perusing their Ansel Adams collection for a suitable black and white photograph. However, since nothing really spoke to us, we searched their site for other black and white photographers, saw an example of your work, and were so intrigued that we clicked on their link to your site.

I wish to say that the depth, clarity, and subject matter of your photography so moved us that we just had to purchase our favorite, although choosing only one wasn't easy. Thanks for sharing your gift with us."

Gary Burdette, Garry Burdette Photography, USA
excerpt from email sent Aug. 11, 2006
"After several days of revisiting your website, I must say that your work continues to be an inspiration. The mind boggling quality of your images and the awesome vision contained within them should certainly serve as an incentive for anyone to make that step up on to the next rung of the artistic ladder."

Fiona Childs, Ireland
excerpt from email sent Sept 16 2004
"It was an absolute breath of fresh air to enter your website and be hit with the most amazing black and white photos. I have always had a love for black & white photos and thought that they were lost for ever. Thank you for bringing them back."

Sherrie Powell
excerpt from email sent July 10 2004
"Bravo!!I loved your site. Your images are stunning. My father was a freelance press photographer many, many years ago. I have recently returned to photography and have attended classes to hone my skills. It was a pleasure to view your site. I applaude you for your dedication to the true art of photography."


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