Black&White Photography Magazine, UK
November 2006

pankov whole paper'Ten of the Best'

The photographer Philip Pankov

Greystones, Co. Wicklow

What? The view onto Greystones from the Bray Hill, just south of Dublin.

Why? I was asked to shoot images of the Greystones area to be included as part of a local scenes exhibition at a gallery in Greystones Village. I wanted to take a shot of the overall view of the village from a nearby hill, but I wanted to avoid 'just a view' type of image, so I used my fisheye 30mm lens on a 6x6cm medium format camera. I found this view with tractor tracks running into the field and leading the viewer's eyes to the village, but there was no drama in the sky. After 30 minutes the sky began to change, and I had my picture. On Ireland's coast you can take four shots from the same position in one day, and end up with four different seasons in your photographs...

Who? Although not generally taking landscape pictures, a large number of Magnum photographers have had reason to work in Ireland - including Elliott Erwitt, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Josef Koudelka and Eve Arnold - enough to result in the book Magnum Ireland (Thames & Hudson)


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