Portrait or Personal Image - Philip  Pankov

A Passion for Black and White Photography

Humble Beginnings
Like most of us, Philip Pankov’s first introduction to a camera was at an early age. However growing up in the Soviet Union meant that he also had to learn how to develop and print the photographs himself. Under the tutelage of a family friend Philip learned the craft of darkroom printing.

Rapid Distinction
After moving from Moscow to Ireland in 1997 to study at Trinity College Dublin, Philip became enamored with the beauty of his new home. The dramatically different landscapes inspired Philip to take his photography to a new level and over time, Philip’s passion and absolute dedication to improving his skills resulted in undeniably beautiful images. Philip began exhibiting his work and quickly became noticed in Ireland with solo exhibitions at The Cherry Lane Gallery in Wicklow, The Velka Gallery of Photography in Dublin and The Clotsworthy Arts Centre in Antrim. He received numerous accolades in the Irish press, most notably a feature article in the Irish Independent where Philip’s work was glowingly described, “Such is the level of detail.. it is as if captured on a life-size negative.”

Recognition from the Photographic Industry
Appreciation for Philip’s work then spread and requests came from photography’s most esteemed publications including Black & White Photography (UK), LensWork (USA) and Photo Techniques (USA) . Philip was also sought out by Ilford Photo, unarguably the world’s premier suppliers of traditional black & white photography materials. Philip agreed to allow Ilford to use his work to, in the words of Ilford Director Elaine Parry, “illustrate so well the unique beauty and impact of the monochrome image.” Philip has also received a Licentiate Distinction from the Irish Photographic Federation.

Still doing what he loves
Philip continues to produce all of his darkroom prints himself and works to ensure that his view of the world is captured and portrayed to the highest ideals of the art form. Beautifully seen and expertly composed, Philip’s images draw us in and leave us with the feeling of being present in the scene. Magnified by his exquisite hand-printing, which results in pristine photographs with subtle tones from deep black to pure white, the images display an extraordinary depth and clarity. On the wall, a Philip Pankov photograph helps us appreciate our world a little more and makes our lives a little more beautiful.

What’s next? Look out for a collection of images from his native Moscow and his new home on the west coast of the US. In the meantime, visit the site map to view all titles and locations of his photos.


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